Seniors and Seizures

Senior Moment or Seizure Moment?

seniorsA lot of “senior moments” may in fact be seizures. About 50,000 new cases of epilepsy occur in people aged 60 and above each year, and a significant number of additional cases are undiagnosed. This program teaches caregivers how to recognize seizures, treatment considerations for the elderly, and first aid. Resources and support are provided for caregivers.

Training for Adult Day Care Centers

The demographic shifts suggest that adult day program staff should anticipate a spike in participants with epilepsy. This training program is designed to help staff and administrators of Adult Day Center programs to understand the needs of seniors with or at risk for developing epilepsy. The training provides basic, straightforward information about epilepsy, useful to health professionals involved in caring for Seniors in Adult Day Center programs. This training will help staff anticipate the unique needs and concerns of seniors and their caregivers.