Work Connection


Work accommodations resulting in favorable employment outcomes. An adequate work environment will subsequently improve quality of life by providing the means for self sustainability. Epilepsy often imposes an economic burden on the affected individual as well as their community; the disorder commonly affects young people in the most productive years of their lives, often leading to unavoidable unemployment. Despite medical advancements, providing the individual with epilepsy the potential to obtain and retain a job can be a formidable obstacle. The number of unemployed individuals with epilepsy remains disproportionately high.

Incorporating vocational aspects into the treatment plan is not only an important part of comprehensive epilepsy care, but also prepares individuals for success in employment. Individuals with epilepsy often do not have the information or skills to advocate for themselves. Frequently, the social stigma associated with epilepsy is a greater barrier to employment than the seizures themselves. Additionally employers are often are reluctant to hire people with epilepsy because of misconceptions, and once hired they often do not provide the appropriate accommodations needed for them to succeed on the job.

The outcome of developing awareness of accommodations for persons with epilepsy leads to improved function in work performance, resulting in an improved quality of life, and general social functioning.For individuals with epilepsy maintaining a normal lifestyle, retaining a job, and enhancing job performance through appropriate accommodations will significantly impact the community.

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